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AKSkim--I'm don't think offended would be the proper word, but hurt would. I put my heart and soul into the book and for the great majority of folks who have read it have had very favorable things to say and have been particularly pleased with the history and folklore you seem not to like.
As for the fishing information, about all I can say is that I put a great deal of research, including personal experience, into it.
I believe if you will look back on this thread along you will find that I'm not necessarily critical of books in general. I have very positive things to say about Mike Frome's Strangers in High Places as well asabout two or three books on Cades Cove or the Park in general. Taking matters one step further, if you will check the bibliography in my book you don't like, you will find I say quite positive things about dozens of books.
Sorry the book disappointed you, but such is the life of the writer. Somes you please; sometimes you don't.
Jim Casada
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