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Originally Posted by JoelO View Post
My $0.02. I have a 12 foot Native Ultimate kayak. Probably one of the most stable out there. I've seen pictures of people standing and fishing out of them, but I wouldn't since I use it primarily on moving water. ie. Caney Fork. I think your canoe idea is a good one, especially if you're trying to keep it in the $1,000 range. 2 man kayaks are pricey so I wouldn't suggest that route. Another option would be a cheap used 14 foot john me that's the cheapest route to go if you want it to where both of you can stand up to fish. If you're fishing primarily in lakes, a pontoon or raft would be ok but I wouldn't get one if I was going to be going solo alot on a river. You can't go upstream very easily in a raft or pontoon and you'll want to do that so you can float back down to your put in spot.
Joel, how well do you like the Ultimate 12, for rivers? I've been thinking about one.
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