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Originally Posted by Speck Lover View Post

I am really hoping that I can make it to Troutfest to talk with you once again. While I'm certain that you don't remember me, I met you a few years back at the Charlotte Fly Fishing Show and bought a book from you at your booth. I found you to be a very interesting and informative man, and a great person to talk to. If my memory serves me correctly, your booth at the Charlotte Fly Fishing Show was one of the busiest booth's that year, which I believe was 2005.
Speck Lover--I certainly hope you can make it. I haven't been before although several people have told me it's an exciting time and I'm certainly excited about being involved this year.
As for meeting you in Charlotte, I must confess I don't remember, but then my memory isn't one which would have ever been conducive to a career in politics. I shake and howdy with lots of people at shows and talks, and about the best I can do is try to be unfailingly polite, share whatever knowledge or information I can, and enjoy such events (which I do).
It sounds like this year's Troutfest will be a dandy.
Jim Casada
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