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I've read Highlanders and put it right up there with some of the best of the five or six books I've read.

Seriously though, is there somewhere that a person might find a list of things that Kephart stretched or distorted? Now, I'm curious as to just which parts of the book are reality and which are ....what? Fabrications? Exaggerations? Outright lies?

Also, there was a book I read( one of the six, mind you.) that was about a fellow contracting some sort of food poisioning from some potato salad and getting sick on the way to Cherokee. Anyone know the name of that book? Seems to me it was fairly comical all the way through.

I also enjoyed the AT story " A Walk in the Woods." Hopefully, it wasn't full of truth-stretching as well. If it was, don't tell me. I can only take one revelation at a time here, people.


PS - They aren't about the Smokies, but if you enjoy comical or semi-comical fishing books, pick up almost anything by Nick Lyons. I have laughed so hard that I've cried reading about his misadventures in life and fishing.
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