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Thank you guys. I don't mean to offend anyone, but sometimes people get way too serious about posts on here. AKSkim, I believe pineman said smartass because he read in to my post and knew I was being a smartass about tailhooking them. Yes, it was a good fight, but I knew only when I had it in 2 ft of the net that it was tailhooked so I decided to get the size 14 hook out of it, set the camera to take a lot of quick pics ao I could pic out the one where the fish is still, and have it untailhooked, photographed, and back in the water in about 30 seconds. I am not trying to be a jerk, and I hope I did not take your post wrong. Just want anyone who might read future posts to know that if I say anything like that that I constantly joke about stuff, especially when I foul up, and I am not unethical(at least not when it comes to fishing). Speaking of fishing...........I am getting off here and going to Elkmont to see what the wild fish are liking today. Hopefully they are biting so I don't have to tail hook them(joking).
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