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Originally Posted by TightLines View Post
Also! I have a genuine limited edition Zebco reel here for the low price of $799.99. Assembled with the rod will only cost you $899.99, as the reel is the serial numbered part. Buy it now, and we'll include a 10 pack of 1/4 lead sinkers, a 19.95 value. Get them before they're banned!!! Must have State Fishing license to buy, we don't need any non-licensed fisherman out there with this fish killer. They might catch a trout out of season, and the next thing you know, no one will be allowed to fish!!!

PS Just go word from our distributors that prices will be going up tomorrow by 20%, better buy now. Limit 6 packages of tackle per person.

Will you accept a three-part out-of-state check? I don't have a license, but I do have a learner's permit.

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