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MTB - Seeing that Paul had hurt his back, and me being the friend that I am, meant that I had to lookout for his health and safety. Whenever we would get to a fishy looking pool or run, I would jump up in front of Paul and fish it first. I was wanting to make sure there weren't any slippery rocks or dangerous situations that could hurt him worse. Some people might have just thought I was being greedy, but in reality, I was just looking out for my buddy.

Pete - Work is not everything they make it out to be. I think fishing in the park is going to be outstanding this year. Last fall, I noticed that the fish were larger than in the past, but this year, they seam even larger. I remember when a 10-11" fish was means to celebrate. Most of the fish I've caught this year have been 10-11". We need to get together sometime and fish. Let me know when you get a break.

BlueRaiderFan - I wade. As a matter of fact, I jump right in. I want my first cast through a run to have a perfect presentation. And if it means wading closer to the fish to get it, then that's what I do. (This is all just my opinion, so have at it). I want as little silhouette to be above the fish as possible. Don't go kicking rocks around or anything, but don't be afraid to get wet. Fish seam to be a whole lot less afraid of what's in the water than what is out of the water and above them. Sometime this summer, bring a snorkel and mask to the park and you can litterally swim in close proximity to fish, not close enough to touch, but you can still see them. Stand over top that same pool, and they are gone.
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