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Default Gotcha Bob

Originally Posted by buckeyetrouter View Post
I found it at a hobby lobby in a clearance bin and haven't seen it since. I do have a bit of it that I would send to you if you want to try some. all I did is lay down some red ultra wire and then tye the weenie over it.....let me know if you want me to send some to you....

I think i know what that is...or know of a good substitute. The close up really helped. Looks like some of that stuff you'd use in cub scouts to tie those braided lanyard key chain thingys. Though this stuff looks a little "foamy" and round rather than flat. I haunt the local Hobby Lobby regularly and think I can scare some reasonable facsimilie up.
If I find some that works I'll give you a shout out.

Appreciate the info!!!
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