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Default Playing Hooky

Originally Posted by buzzmcmanus View Post
Pete - Work is not everything they make it out to be. I think fishing in the park is going to be outstanding this year. Last fall, I noticed that the fish were larger than in the past, but this year, they seam even larger. I remember when a 10-11" fish was means to celebrate. Most of the fish I've caught this year have been 10-11". We need to get together sometime and fish. Let me know when you get a break.
Buzz, I agree. I don't believe there are many folks who on their death bed think: I wish I would have worked more hours...

I believe things will even out at work in a few weeks, which would coincide nicely with the water temps coming up to near wet-wading temps. I need to start playing hooky in early April. Keep me in mind and I'll let you know when I can make it.

I look forward to it. I've enjoyed fishing with everyone I've met through the board...

"Even a fish wouldn't get into trouble if he kept his mouth shut."
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