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John--I think I remember that's your name. Thanks for the fine and detailed report. I'm guessing you must have a home somewhere along Big Snowbird. I would amend one aspect of your comments. Although I haven't actually measured it, I'm pretty sure there's appreciably more than the seven miles of backcountry stream you mention. It is 3.5 miles or thereabouts from Junction (end of the road) to Sassafras, another half mile to the upper end of Mouse Knob Falls, another two or three miles to Middle Falls, another two miles to Upper Falls, and there's still a good amount of water and mileage left. I'd never really thought about distance until I saw your figure, but I'm reckoning that from Junction upstream there must be a dozen miles or so of fishing in Big Snowbird, not to mention more in feeders such as Sassafras Creek and Meadow Branch. One thing for sure--it is a jewel and, as you say, the finest speck stream in N. C. I don't fish the lower reaches much, but I've spent a world of wonderful times on both Big and Little Snowbird above their junctions.
I would note, for others reading this, that much of Little Snowbird is private water--Cherokee Reservation along with a private club which controls a couple of miles.
Jim Casada
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