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Hey John, OK Mr. Edmonds did this demonstration at a fly shop when i first met him and it I think that it is highly effective in revealing where the power and strengh in the rod is. Take a fly rod 5, 6, 7 whatever weight, rig it with a leader doesn't mateer the length or size, then tie the end of the leader around the top of a regular water bottle that has water in it, next let out some line and get a regular folding chair, or any chair you then put the bottle on the ground behind the chair and run the leader over the back rest so that the bottle is on the ground behind the chair which is facing you, what you are going to do is rais the fly rod so that the bottle of water rises off the ground as the back of the chair is between the rod tip and the bottle acting as a fulcrum ( i think fulcrum is what it is called?) first rais the rod on an angle such that the rod tip is what is raising the bottle, see how much the tip flexes in relation to the amount the bottle is lifted, next point the rod tip at the chair/bottle and rais the rod in a manner that is parallel to the ground allowing the rear section of the rod to take the brunt of the work, you will be surprised how little effort and strain it takes to move the weighted bottle using the rear section of the rod versus the tip, so this translates in to more pressure and power you can utlilze while fighhting a fish. Now this isn't something that is critical when caching small trout or whatever, this is a power thing and shows you what angles you need to take to put the most effective pressure on big fish to get the most out of the rod, Hope i explained that well?
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