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Originally Posted by buzzmcmanus View Post
...remeber the KISS principle when fishing the mountains. When dark bugs are hatching, fish dark, buggy looking flies, when yellow sallies are hatching, fish yellow buggy looking flies, etc. To me, nothing looks more buggy than a caddis fly. I fish a size 16 caddis fly 90% of the time in the park, and I seem to do alright at catching fish. I don't try to exactly match the color, but I do want it close to the same general shade. Don't let yourself get overwhelmed with this.
Don't get frustrated with the endless information; I personally go a little too far at times in my fly fishing. It hurts my productivity at times; but, that is what I enjoy about it. It is an art, science, passion, etc.....

You should follow Buzz's KISS philosophy and focus on having fun. The rest will come with time with curiosity and experience.

Keep in mind; fishing freestone streams and tailwaters are very different in many ways. With that thought; learn to understand why and adapt.

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