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For me, the advantages of backcountry fishing far outweigh the disadvantages. I thoroughly enjoy the entire experience, whether it be backpacking or fishing. The peace and solitude that I experience on a backcountry excursion is therapy for my soul. I normally go with two of my friends, so we keep our pack weight minimal by distributing the necessities among the three of us. If we want to stop and fish while hiking to a backcountry campsite, we stop and fish. I used to rush to get from point A to point B, but birthdays have taken care of that. Personally, I will take the backcountry trips over the frontcountry trips anytime. Try it once. You will never know if you like the experience or not if you don't try it. I don't think that you will resent the walking after you do it. From my perspective, a backcountry trip is a little easier to pull off with a couple of friends along. Oh, by the way, we always bring "light beer" when backpacking.

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