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Hello....where on the internet did you see that the area around CS30 is closed to fishing...a review of the Park's main website does not confirm this and I am certain this area is not closed...actually camped and fished up that way a couple of years ago...I used to fish the Three Forks area quite often when you were allowed to drive up to the forks of the fish there now almost certainly requires an overnight stay of a couple of nights...this is a remote area that does not see a whole lot of traffic due to the distance to get there...if you camp at 30 there is a vertical waterfall a ways up Meigs Post prong that requires a climb up the side but what is on top is delight...pure brookie from 24 upstream you have a very good chance to score a slam without leaving the should definitely walk back down and up Fish Camp Prong...while the lower water is inviting walk about a mile upstream before you start will find everything from large plunge pools, riffles and flat water....worth spending a whole day up there alone...I envy your chance to be in this area and please let us know how you fare.
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