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I am taking the family on a back country backpacking/fishing trip at the end of the month. I have not worn a pack since the Army (25 years ago). I have purchased all of the equipment (Not the good expensive stuff) and I put on my 50+ pound pack last night for a five night camp. We are headed up Little River.

I imagine I will drop dead about 3 miles in, but at least I will be looking at my favorite stream/area.

I could have cut down, but I figure a little pain, for a lot of comfort is worth it. I cant wait to spend 8+ hours a day in the stream. My soul needs the mountains.

Get your arse up there, you cant be sorry, at least when you get there, while your hiking you will be like me, and be really sorry.

(how much do those extra BH Nymph's really weigh??)
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