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Default 3/20/2010

I decided to slip up into the park and fish today. While driving down the road, every pull-off either a fisherman of a kid chunking rocks into it. It was pretty easy to decide that I needed to head "up high" and fish for the fish that take a little effort to access. I knew most people wouldn't take the effort to get to where I wanted to fish. I was right, and was rewarded for the effort. I got steamside and was fishing by 1:00. I rigged up with my regular olive size 16 caddis fly with a size 18 BHPT dropped off it. By 2:00 I had not had a single look at the caddis fly, but had caught 4-5 on the dropper. At 2:30 I was catching enough fish on the caddis fly, I clipped off the dropper because I was tired of untangling it. Around 3:00 I was getting a rise, or take in every fishy looking pool. This continued until 5:00 when I was starting to get hungry and and was getting sloppy with my wading. I was in a place where getting hurt wasn't an option.

Looks like a good place for a fish to be.

It was

I've got 10 pictures to post, and it will only alow me to post 8, so look for my next post for more pictures.
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