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Originally Posted by Fly-By View Post
What size caddis and BHPT do you guys normally use?
Also, how far do you drop the BHPT below the caddis?
Last time I tried this, my caddis would sink very quickly.
Thanks for the help in advance.
I normally fish with both being a size 16. This particular trip, the BHPT was a size 18. It just happened to be what was hooked on my fly patch from last trip. Sometimes, I'll go to a size 18 caddis fly, but then I won't fish a dropper with it. I normally fish my dropper around 20 inches below my dry.

You may want some other opinions from mine. I normally won't fish anything but dries in the park. Fishing droppers is new to me, and now that the fish are taking dry flies regularly, I probably won't tie on another until next February.
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