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Originally Posted by JoeFred View Post
Thanks for asking, Grannyknot. I'm actually showing bass stopping at the sinks although my choice of colors might not make that clear. I am showing browns up as far as Huskey Branch on the East Prong and to Lynn Camp Prong on the Middle.

Regrettably not having enough personal experience, I must rely on books, park service fisheries info and contributors to this message board for this feature.

I'd really like to add more highlighted waters. If you don't mind sharing, how far up have you encountered browns? I don't want specific spots, just need something like "up to such & such feeder stream."

I see...I'm having trouble distinguishing between colors I think. On my wife's Mac at home I can see where you show browns up to Lynn apologies.

My personal experiences have been all 3 species on Goshen Prong (albeit not in the same area), 1 brown just past the Tremont institute, and being a witness to a rather large brown being brought to hand on the WPLR just upstream of Laurel Fork Creek.
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