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Originally Posted by Grannyknot View Post
I see...I'm having trouble distinguishing between colors I think. On my wife's Mac at home I can see where you show browns up to Lynn apologies.
My personal experiences have been all 3 species on Goshen Prong (albeit not in the same area), 1 brown just past the Tremont institute, and being a witness to a rather large brown being brought to hand on the WPLR just upstream of Laurel Fork Creek.
Grannyknot, an apology isn't needed. The bass & browns colors definitely needed more contrast. I'm a PC and I fixed it. I added brown trout waters further up LR and to the very lower part of Goshen Prong, and to West Prong just past Laurel Creek. Let me know if I need to extend further. Thanks!

Originally Posted by fcfly View Post
I noticed the lower section of Sams Creek not having Specks on the map. ......
fcfly, I tried to find documented instances of specks down lower on Sams, but haven't yet. Lacking any other basis, I fell back on the "above 3,000 ft" school of thought at least for now. Thanks!
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