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Gatlinburg Chill Band--Just to be sure you know, bait is illegal in the Park. Although it has been many decades since I used bait for trout, for bigger fish it is mighty hard to beat spring lizards (what locals call salamanders), and this time of year red worms are a good choice. If I had to pick a single bait for trout, it would be "nests" (larva from wasps, hornets, or yellow jackets), but I've got a better idea. Go ahead and get that fly fishing outfit and start using it. The sooner you do so the sooner you will take the first steps of a marvelous transition in your approach to fishing.
Jim Casada
P. S. I spent much of my career in the academic world, but the general tenor of this particular thread left me shaking my head. I would make one point. Somewhere early on an entry from Wikipedia was cited as if it was gospel. In truth Wikipedia is woefully unpredictable and often inaccurate--anyone can post an entry in it.
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