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Default Nearly skunked

Well, folks, I escaped from work early and went fishing yesterday afternoon. It was a beautiful day, and I expected some good action. In the end, I only caught two rainbows, one of which was quite small. I'd like to get some feedback from you guys about what I saw...

There was definitely a massive hatch going on. There were a million smallish grey flies on the water, and I was getting a few rises from itty bitty trout on a quill gordon. I was fishing a BHPT dropper, which is what I caught my two fish on. Water temp was 51 degrees. Since I wasn't having any luck w/ my dry fly, I set up a double nymph rig (BHPT and prince nymph) w/ a strike indicator. My buddy was fishing a hares ear and then tried another small nymph I didn't recognize.

It seemed like conditions were really good, but we could not see any trout rising to feed on the bugs. I did see several large trout in a shallow run over a gravel bar that were obviously feeding on submerged insects, so I know they were eating. Any ideas what was going on?
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