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The first backpacking experiences I ever had were solo trips just because I wanted to do it...was used to fishing by myself and had gotten tired of having to hike into the same areas on multiple days...all my trips were either to CS 23 or 24 above Elkmont...both sites are on trails and within a couple of hours of the car but the ability to sleep in and be able to either step right into the stream or be fishing withing an easy 20 minute walk was enjoyable....first night I was by myself I was at #23 in a thunderstorm while reading the Hobbit...kept waiting for Bilbo and the others to show up wanting shelter from the rain...back then I was camping during the week and rarely saw another fisherman or camper....going to age myself here but there was no internet and any research on such things was done at the library...can remember the best line I ever read about keeping your pack weight down was that if you find yourself hollowing out the handle of your toothbrush you have gone too far...if you fish just don't take any unnecessary chances while wading and you will be fine...after a day or two you will start picking up on a lot of things you normally miss.
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