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I was on the middle prong of Little River last Friday along with lots of other fishermen. Thought it unusual that so many were there but remembered the rockslide had closed the east prong road so folks who otherwise might have fished along there were with me at Tremont. Had to drive most of the gravel road section before finding a vacant pulloff. Got out, dressed, and walked downstream about 25 yards and waded in. I hadn't been there five minutes until three young men parked across the road, got out and waded in right in front of me. One guy started fishing, another one was trying to coach him, and the other kid was taking pictures. They all eventually made eye contact but didn't even so much as throw up a hand let alone speak. I left wondering if they didn't know any better or just didn't care. I did notice the tags on the vehicle were local. I usually give a guy a break if he's wearing an out-of-state tag. For all I know this is his only week to fish the park so I say hi and move on but it's unforgivable for a local to step in the river in front of me.
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