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My box is so simple it is laughable. I really carry 2 different patterns to the Clinch. I carry PT's, all with beads of different colors, and in 2 sizes 16's and 18's. There is a small window when 16's work well, and that corresponds with sulfurs. Other then that time period, 18's are the rule.

On the midges, very simple, I carry one. A dark olive v-rib midge with a black bead tied on an 18 TMC 2488. Those who used to buy them at the Creel when I worked there, might remember them. I tied them for Scott, to make a little gas money to get to the river. The pattern originated from Scott I believe, and it was just a simpler way to tie an effective fly invented by Ron Whaley, eons ago.

I firmly believe I or anyone else can carry those flies any day of the year to the Clinch and out fish any other pattern which someone might be using. Dead of winter, through the heat of summer.

All the other patterns can be left at the house, sure you can catch fish on them, but why fight with the madness when it is totally unnecessary?
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