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flyred06--First of all, something like 50 percent of snakebites from poisonous snakes are non-venomous or "dry" bites. That is to say, they do not inject venom. Second, unless you panic or there is some kind of extraordinarily rare circumstance, you aren't going to die from a bite from a rattler or copperhead (although you may be mighty sick and perhaps have some permanent tissue loss). Third, I guess gaiters are a matter of personal choice. Personally, I'm not going to wear them. I've probably had something like 100 encounters with poisonous snakes over the years, including two close ones when I was a boy. I respect them, watch for them, but don't let them interfere with where I want to go. It's probably no comfort, but they were far more plentiful (poisonous and non-poisonous) when I was a boy than they are today.
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