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Originally Posted by Rodonthefly View Post

I made it a point to only fish those two flys yesterday, to see how many I could catch. I started out fishing below the weir on the shoals. And was killing them. Fishing down river as you stated, them some A holes in two canoes floated right in to my pool and got out and started fishing. I got pissed left and went above the weir and fished managed a few there befor heaing home.

Those two paterns seemed to work well. With those two patterns, are 18s the smallest you go? Seems to me the midges are smaller then that.
Midges go down to dust size, but there is NEVER any reason to fish anything smaller then an 18. NEVER! The juice isn't worth the squeeze, again. Small hooks won't hardly hold in a fishes mouth, and a little larger fly draws more attention.
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