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"can't keep 'em off my #22's" simply is that more often that not, cast for cast, the #22 zebra for me at least, has proved more action and brought more fish (sizable ones at that) to the net than anything else for me the last few years fishing the Clinch - 'course maybe its just my own observations. From past trials, when fishing a tandem rig - top fly a #18 bhvrib (olive naturally - which had been my go to fly) and the drop a #22 zebra - the fish seemed to favor the smaller fly...maybe the larger stirred any rate, I would end up cutting off the vrib. I agree the vrib is one heck of a fish producer more often that not, (maybe I don't tie them just right), but imho, there's always a reason to expand on the basics. Besides, landing any fish over 16" on anything is an iffy proposition in any situation - tippet, knots, subsurface terrain alone cause more troubles than hook size I think.
Aside from all of this being fairly trivial at best - 'cause in the end, we all will fish and do what we want to do, and for the most part - it all works.... the beauty being the privilege of inquiring and/or sharing of ones unique experiences is what this board is great for, your insights are a great asset and valued... it just seems though, the overly dogmatic absolutes are somewhat self defeating, heck...why even deal with all this fly fishing stuff. Compared to the holding power of a wide gap hook tipped with bait, or an assortment of treble grabbing hardware all tethered to cable - minute hooks, wispy tippets, and insects all seem like a pointless endeavor to begin with to some... but we choose to do it "our" way.
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