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I choose to fly fish because it is far more effective then bait or plugs, period. It is not some aesthetic thing as to why I fly fish, it is because it is the most effective way to catch trout. I certainly don't fly fish for crappie, I use minnows or jigs as it is the most effective. Same with the flies I use and how I use them, it is all about maximum tonnage to hand.

With droppers 90% of the strikes will come on the point fly, which may be the reason for your success on the #22. I am not saying a 22 won't work, just saying that IMO it is not necessary to fish dust to catch fish in the Clinch.

Rodney- avg day on the Clinch, over 4 hours I usually will catch 30-40 fish, some days a few less, and some days alot more. But generally, it is non-stop from start to finish. Having fished for eons on the stretches I frequent, I know exactly (like others) where to stand, where my fly needs to hit the water, and most of the time where the strike will come from. It is fairly predictable, and not nearly as fun now as it was 10 years ago. Hence the reason I spend more time smallmouth fishing anymore.
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