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I choose to fly fish because it is far more effective then bait or plugs, period. It is not some aesthetic thing as to why I fly fish, it is because it is the most effective way to catch trout. I certainly don't fly fish for crappie, I use minnows or jigs as it is the most effective. Same with the flies I use and how I use them, it is all about maximum tonnage to hand.
Interesting; I can easily catch 75-100 fish a day on the clinch with a spinning rod, but, that bores the heck out of me. I can and have taken newbies on the Clinch with a spinning rod and the goal is to catch 30-50 fish a day. I have rarely missed that goal. I have a significantly more difficult time catching trout on a fly; but, that is why I do it...

Also, I fish the lakes like I do the rivers; with a fly rod and I actually do extremely better on the lakes in numbers. It seems that midges grow in lakes too...
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