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Originally Posted by Waterborn View Post
Not sure I subscribe to the theory of point fly pole position, but regardless - hate to see some of the thrill is gone for you, but I agree - one can pattern Clinch fish fairly easy...and after a couple of hours of not moving ten feet and couple dozen of fish in hand, I start rooting around in the box to see what else they might eat just for grins...
This year I'd like to try and concentrate some on the rough fish - shad, gar,redhorse,carp,drum, and smallmouth buffalo though I can't say I'll tire of the fins of the Clinch though - as we all fish for different reasons (and rightly so), for me is not about maximum tonnage...
Ask the question of the point fly to others on this forum who fish dropper rigs, I rarely if ever fish 2 flies, but when I have I have noticed that the point fly gets alot more attention then the dropper. But that is really not important.

I understand the desire to see what you can catch them on, but don't play anymore. Kind of sad really, pretty happy to just fish one fly and catch them on that.

Good luck with the buffalo, they are vegetarians and rarely eat flies. You can snag them easily, but I have seen only a handful which actually ate a fly, and then I feel it was just blind luck. The only time I have caught or seen redhorse caught is mid-April on the little P when they are spawing. That is pretty fun if you can catch it right.

I still fish trout quite a bit, but nothing like I used to, I have grown weary with all the people and the lack of ettiquette which I see on the river many days. I like solitude, and after the warmwater rivers get right that is where I spend 99% of my time. I think growing up on the Clinch and spending the better part of 20 years fishing it 5 days a week, just wore me down on the whole trout thing. Add to that 8 years of guiding for trout, and it is just being over exposed to them as well.

Originally Posted by MadisonBoats View Post
I choose to fly fish because it is far more effective then bait or plugs, period. It is not some aesthetic thing as to why I fly fish, it is because it is the most effective way to catch trout. I certainly don't fly fish for crappie, I use minnows or jigs as it is the most effective. Same with the flies I use and how I use them, it is all about maximum tonnage to hand.
Interesting; I can easily catch 75-100 fish a day on the clinch with a spinning rod, but, that bores the heck out of me. I can and have taken newbies on the Clinch with a spinning rod and the goal is to catch 30-50 fish a day. I have rarely missed that goal. I have a significantly more difficult time catching trout on a fly; but, that is why I do it...

Also, I fish the lakes like I do the rivers; with a fly rod and I actually do extremely better on the lakes in numbers. It seems that midges grow in lakes too...
I would like to sit and watch you catch 100 on spinning tackle. I have never seen fish caught in those numbers in one day on the Clinch on any tackle, especially conventional tackle, and would love to see it happen first hand.

Many moons ago myself, and several others fished above the weir the day after the water turned off for the first time in several months. The fish were absolutely stacked up there, and I guess 6 of us lined up to put on a show right at the canoe launch. One of our other buddies had broken his leg so he stayed on the bank and entertained himself by keeping a tally on how many fish we brought to hand over 6 hours. I think the high mark was 60+ and the avg was in the mid 40's. As I remember it was dang near non-stop a fish on every cast, and many fish b/w 16"-20". I know there are several other forum members here who stood along side me and the crew that day, who could atest to the mauling we dished out. I think the bait boys landed a handful at best on that particular day. Point is, that 100 fish in a day, is a lot of fish, and something I have yet to ever witness. Not saying it isn't possible, just saying it is quite a feat.

I can't handle the lakes, too many people for my tastes. But do agree, that fly fishing on the lakes can be very effective, especially for bigger bass.
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