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I apologize for 'hijacking' this thread and jumping off topic. I did not mean any insult in my post and to clarify my experience with spin reel fishing on the Clinch; during Spring and Summer my boat(crew 2-3) have consistently caught 75-100 fish in a 6-8 hour day that usually consisted of a drift of the river. I grew up about a mile above Massengill Bridge and my brother and I would ride our bikes down to the river and fish spinning reels almost every day of the Summer. We would always catch around 50 fish each when we were not lure hunting on the banks.

That aspect of fishing bored me over the years and I got out of fishing for some time. However; I am so glad to have discovered fly fishing. I enjoy all the technical aspects of the sport; not just catching fish.

Anyone on this board is welcome to fish with me or drift the Clinch. I may actually take my nephew out this Friday for his spring break and he will be using a spin set up.
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