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Redrum...Redrum... Redrum...okay insert your own The Shining moment here... that fly can save a slow day, works great on the Clinch and is a killer on the Caney...gee Marc, who took that cool pic of your avatar

Wolf, I've often heard about the burnout - some of my guide buddies and those in the industry talk about there sometimes being too much of a good thing... at any rate, I hear you about the solitude - I find myself in the non tourist areas of the park more and more for that very reason. I'd don't mind a like minded buddy anytime, but more often that not - I'm solo for all the same reasons.
I've only the one buffalo, now whether it was a million to one shot or not (or I just happen to snag him square in the lips)- the fly was in the corner of his mouth - sometimes it better be lucky than good I suppose, but I've gotta give it another go simply to satisfy my curiousity. Since I'm only a few minutes from the lower little pig, I'll have plenty of opportunities to look stupid trying some grass flies - guess will see. I've heard the same about the redhorse, I'm gonna have to hit up Gary on them... One of the reasons I love this area though - more water and species to chase than one can shake a rod at...

Travis - looks as though I've got to go house hunting this Friday so the great Fotophishing adventure will have to be postpone yet again - sorry about that...I'll be in St. Augustine all next week (hoping to score something red-ish), but that week after lets see about that Friday...
May you find a rise in every puddle... - WATERBORN
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