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Originally Posted by ChemEAngler View Post
I remember fishing with John Emert once over on the Clinch, and he said the only fly he ever used was that silly looking BH hairball pattern in #16. But he absolutely killed them using it. Do you remember that fly of his? I was probably tying 8 or 10 dozen of those things a week for the shop. It didn't look like anything and I could tie a dozen in probably 5 minutes. I haven't used it on the Clinch lately, but can definitely vouch for its effectiveness on the Holston and Hiwassee.

I think the most important thing on the Clinch is presentation. Somebody using a 9' 4X leader typically is not going to catch as many fish as somebody using a 12' 6X fluoro leader when drifting nymphs. But if the person using the 12' 6X fluoro rig doesn't know how to properly present the fly and get a dead drift, then I will put my money of the other guy. I think a properly presented fly that may be a size too large is much better than a perfect imitation that doesn't look natural.

Pine Squirrel was the name of that fly I do believe, it was a lint ball

I absolutely agree on the latter, I usually fish 5x flouro, rarely do I have to drop to 6x, it is all about where and how things are done like you said.
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