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For 3 nights I would wear in one pair of convertible nylon pants. Outside of that I would wear in a synthetic shirt (i have a camo one for fishing). In my bag I have a rain jacket and rain pants also have one other light shirt in my bag and a pair of smartwool top and bottom long johns for any cold. Also I wear in a pair of smartwool socks and have 1 other pair in my pack. Oh yeah and maybe one other pair of underwear depending on how socialable I feel haha. I will often wear what I hike in wearing the whole time and not have lots of changes of clothes except for the last day when I don a fresh shirt. It's the backcountry so I always think you are supposed to be dirty and unkept ha. Personally I wouldn't wash my pants the hiking nylon ones dont seem to get too stinky. I can make 2 shirts stretch 4 days without washing either. I do bring a small travel deodorant though. Also if my nylon pants got soaked i would just switch to the rain pants makes a perfect backup.

Done this many times and this past weeked I had exactly this setup when it got down to about 30 at cs 11 on Saturday night. I was cold wearing my smartwool top and bottom long johns, nylon pants, shirt, and rain jacket. Got a bit uncomfortable but nothing that jumping in the sleeping bag couldn't fix very easily.

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