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Thank you all.

Jim and Swede - when you say "too many people" - how many people are we talking about? I don't really mind people as much as the fellow that goes with me does - he always wants to play mountain man and find somewhere without a soul for 3 miles.

Also, the fact that I have sort of a bum knee right now comes into play. ( I have no trouble walking, but going uphill isn't really pleasant so I'm wondering about the trail - although on topo software it looks about as flat as we get in the Blue Ridge) Anyway, the knee is going to keep us from hiking up farther than the first one or two BC sites, I'm afraid. I haven't even tried walking around with the pack on loaded yet, and may even have to build a little cart to wheel it in. That said, I still want to go having never seen it. If I don't go now, who knows - I could end up moving away or getting hit by a bus or whatever. I've decided that no matter what, I'm going to start doing the things I've wanted to do before both knees go or some of that other stuff happens and I can't do it.

That said, I wouldn't want to ruin my buddy's trip though. If there are going to be people 1000 yards from each other on the river, or campgrounds that are filled to max, we may have to rethink our trip and go elsewhere. Due to work, we can only go on the weekend as far as I know( I'll ask him). But heck, anywhere we go that my knee will allow me to go is going to have people at this time of year.

Thanks for the help and to those that have emailed me too. I appreciate it greatly. As always if anyone here ever finds themselves in need of fishing info for GA trout water, let me know and I will help you all I can.

Oh and TNSwede, I was googling for info on Hazel and actually came upon your blog! I enjoyed reading about your trip to Hazel very much!
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