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Smile I went to the mountains on Wed

The water is still pretty high. I headed to Road Prong only to find it really high. Had to make a "leap of faith" a few times which is never comfortable as you are by yourself. I caught 2, hooked 3 more only to have them come off, and had 4 or 5 bump my dry only to not take it. Water temp was 44. There weren't hardly any slower runs, and the few where they were is where the fish were active. Saw 5 or 6 different bugs out, so yes they were everywhere, but the fish were not "turned on". Got home only to see where Plateau Angler had just advised to stay low elevation for another fisherman. Wish I would have seen that a day earlier! When I fished the week before fishing at the lower elevations was pretty good, but with the high water I should have just gone kayaking!

Normally I would always take the mountains over the Clinch, but you may want to just stay at the Clinch is in the next day or so until the water warms up a smidge and goes down a bit.
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