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[QUOTE=knucklehead;78687]Being an avid snake finder and fly flinger, my favorite season is quickly approaching. even though I have very little experience in the park compared with Mr. Casada, my excursions in the park have led me to believe that snakes see us much more often than we see them.
Case in point: late last summer, i was watching a couple of fisher folk along the tremont road. they were both in the stream, wearing waders and within 10 feet of a good snake-sunnin' rock. I was about 20 yds away, across the stream, in the shade and out of fish-spookin range when i saw a nice sized n. water snake slither up on the rock, facing the two fisherman who weren't 10 feet away. I watched them all for a few minutes and after several casts were made I told them about their new friend. I thought that was one incredibly sneaky snake. out in the open and nearly unseen. imagine what's waiting where we can't see very well. another reason i take a hiking stick wherever I go in the park.

It amazes me how numerous northern water snakes really are. I see them every time I fish the Little River, or up in Tremont. And sometimes they can surprise you how far they get from water. I was walking on the Abrams Falls trail one time, just happened to look to my left in some downed timber / brush. There were quite a few snakes in there just knotted up and taking in the sun that just happened to be making it thru the trees and leaves. This was a good 50 ft away from the stream itself. So that tells me they are more numerous than we probably would believe.
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