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Didn't the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service control the National Park Fisheries back then and didn't they poison Abrams Creek? I guess it doesn't really matter but I think they were under a different Department of the U.S. Government in the old days maybe the Department of Agriculture. Now they fall under the Department of Interior. I remember hearing that USFW or the Corps of Engineers channelized the tributaries to Abrams Creek in Cades Cove. And, I recall hearing about a riff between the two agencies.

When we founded the Little River Chapter of Trout Unlimited, our Chapter and the Great Smoky Mountains Chapter did a lot of work in the Cove trying to stabilize the stream banks of those tribs. The creeks did not meander much. Many were perfectly straight. We raised money and built fences to keep the cattle out of the streams. When Mr. Calhourn passed away the cattle were removed from the Cove.

Also, evidently there was a Superintendent at Great Smoky Mountains National Park, many years ago, who wanted to build a dam on Abrams Creek and turn the cove into a lake. That is local hearsay that came to me from people who work for the Park. That would not fit the mission of the National Park Service and would not happen now. But, wouldn't that be interesting if it had happened?

It has been almost 20 years since I heard this and I could be wrong. I'm just thinking out loud.


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