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WVBrookie--Kudos, first of all, on the lovely specks. Even more significant though is true quality time with your son.

I'm going to quote one of my favorite writers from yesteryear, Archibald Rutledge, in that regard: "Providence gave me three sons. . . . It was not possible for me to give them what we usually call the advantages of wealth. I made up my mind to do my best for them. I decided primarily to make them sportsmen, for I have a conviction that to be a sportsman is a mighty long step in the direction of being a man. . . . I have found that the outdoors inculcates patience, demands discipline and iron nerve, and develops a serenity of spirity that makes for long life and long love of live. And it is my fixed conviction that if a parent can give his children a passionate and wholesome devotion to the outdoors, the fact that he cannot leave each of them a fortune does not really matter so much. They will always enjoy life in its nobler aspects without money and without price. They will worship the Creator in his mighty works. And because they know and love the natural world, they will always feel at home in the wide, sweet habitations of the Ancient Mother."

You may find a finer outdoor credo, but I've read all the greats--Aldo Leopold, Ivan Turgenev, Ortega y Gasset, and others--and Rutlege puts it as well as I've ever seen.

One other matter. If you loved Albright Grove (and who wouldn't?) you owe it to yourself to take a few hours off from fishing and walk the Boogerman Trail out of Cataloochee. I don't know of anywhere in the Park with more impressive virgin woodland unless it's possibly way up the right fork of Raven Fork above Three Forks, and getting there is a booger while the Boogerman Trail is a breeze.
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