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Interesting response about fight time and killing the fish. Saw a guy on the Clinch just standing and holding his rod as a fish tugged away. He never touched the reel to try to get the fish to him for a long time. As I continued to watch, the fish finally gave it up and surfaced and the guy eased him into his net. He released the fish but I couldn't tell if it survived or not. I usually let them make a run or two before getting them to the surface and netting them as quickly as possibly. Have only had one to go belly up on me so far. So, the question is, how long is too long to play a fish? Obviously, play it too hard and fast and run the risk of it breaking off. Play it too long and it may die. I use a 5 weight on the Clinch and a 3 weight in the park down low and a 2 weight up higher. Usually use 6X tippet on all and losing more to break-off on the Clinch.
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