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Since the length of the fight,is what kills trout,I have adopted and demonstrate to others,what will land/release the bruisers safely to live another day.......and yes I fish a 4 wt,and fish weekly on private Soque and Cherokee trophy waters! You will quick-release a large trout occasionally,by this technique, but after all,such waters are catch and release anyway! After the usually first two/three runs,and sulks/head shakes, I find that ,when the surface is broken by the fish,and you have him in slow water,where you have urged him, that very quick and aggressive line stripping,and constant rod bend will allow you to "SKID', the fish into your net,by keeping the head up, and not allowing the fish to leverage his tail movement! This works like a charm,to land within minutes strong fish,that others on the reel spend far too much energy in the "Fight!" Such quotes as ' "I fought him for 20 min.s down thru two pools and got this picture," may just lead to another unknown trout kill, unfortunately! Works for me,and can for you too! Regards, Rocketroy
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