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Default Upcoming Trip to GSM

Perhaps like a number of 'folks' we're heading to GSM this weekend for a few days of wildflower-hikes and fishing - not necessarily in that order. Camping in Townsend and hoping that fishing stays on the 'upside' as it sounds from other posts.

Will be stopping by LRO for latest info, but wondering whether anyone has suggestions for 'spots' to throw a few flies at some trout (above Institute? above Chimneys picnic area? above Elkmont campground?) - if 'doable' may try for GSM slam this trip.

Haven't thrown bugs at any GSM trout since last Thanksgiving, and casting arm is starting to itch and twitch - especially due to some encouraging posts about fishing-quality of late.

"When next you hit the water, may the fish be hungry, plentiful and non-fictional."
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