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Originally Posted by Kytroutbum View Post
The two fishermen remind me of folks that speed through the forests surrounding Yellowstone crossing excellent water to fish the crowded Big Name waters. I had two guys in our campground for a week, last August who had to drive into the park everyday. As camp host, I got to talk with them and made some "Outside of the Park" suggestions for their last day. Later that evening, they dropped by and thanked me- Best day of their trip.
I have caught two 16 inchers and had a 24+ inch Bow or Cutt come up snub my hopper last summer, all less than 50 yards from a road leading to the YNP. I very seldom had to share "my water" with others.
In my 61 years of life, I've found streams written about in books and magazines usually don't live up to expectations.

You may be talking about the Gallatin going towards West Yellowstone. I LOVE fishing that stretch! Last year I saw one group of two anglers on that stretch plus my wife and I. The whole time! Then you'd get to the park and there'd be 50 people on two miles of the Firehole.
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