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Default Schedule of Events!!

Thursday PM: Rich Margiotta will host a Brat Roast at Metcalf Bottoms weather permitting. We need to know how many are coming so please holler if you plan on being there. BYOB, more details later.

Friday Morning: Michael Sinclair (Paduca Michael) will host a class on bamboo rod restorations. Michael is famous for his "restoration bible" (copies available) and insights into bringing those old rods back to life.

Casting sessions... try various bamboo rods.

Saturday Morning: What to look for in a bamboo rod. A panel of users will be there to discuss what to look for in buying/restoring rods. Also a discussion on some "unknown" makeres.

Casting sessions.

PaducahMichael "Class" will be held.... #14 [url] [-]

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04/13/2010 13:55
Ralph has volunteered me to do a little restoration demo and a Q&A for those who are interested. I never miss a chance to talk, so We'll do this at Little River Outfitters in the upstairs class room. Let me know if there's anything you would especially like to have covered.
Time and day to be decided by Ralph - I'm sure he'll post it.


Petri Heil - Ralph

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