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I use lead wire, or non-toxic, for BHPT's, Princes, etc when I tie a nymph pattern as you want to get the fly down deep to get the fishes attention. You can vary the size, and # of wraps to get the weight you want. I've found that it helps to wrap the hook shank with Unithread before adding the wire. Seems to keep the wire from slipping down the shank toward the hook bend.

You can also use copper wire, tied as a rib, to add weight. A Brassie, or zebra midge, can have the abdomen tied with wire. You really have a lot of choices as to how you want to tie the fly.

Yes, Hugh's tutorials were/are a great help to me. I know Hugh, used his flies, and i have a great respect for him as a tyier, as a guide, and as a friend. I stand in awe of his tying abilities, and hope someday to get close to his level of expertise.
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