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That wire is a little heavier than I would use for those size nymphs. Most of the time I like the wire to be about the diameter of the hook. Here's what you can do though to take care of the weight and tail issue. Just make 3 or 4 wraps wire under the thorax area. You are going to build that area up anyway. Make 3 or 4 wraps and build a thread dam in front of and behind the wire, now cover the wire with thread and apply a couple drops of cement. Leave enough room to tie the tail and body on without any wire underneath. Notice how I tied in the wire in this link and left enough room to tie in the tail and body material so that it would make a smooth transition. I think the wire in just the thorax area would be fine. It will allow you to keep the body slender and it will give the fly a jigging action.
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