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Originally Posted by nvr2L8 View Post

The answer is, "It depends". Those who are inclined to enjoy activities in the mountains dearly love going up there as often as possible. I never tire of just driving through and looking at the rivers, dreaming of fishing. Others, those not so interested, can be a bit jaded to all the hype as Crockett indicated.

I have lived here all my life and it never gets old. Many of my fondest, earliest memories are of my family camping out for weeks at a time in Cades Cove, brushing the snow off picnic tables to have a picnic in the winter (when you could actually drive up in the Smokies in the snow) and rock hopping with my sibs in the streams (before I knew how much fun it was to fish). 57 years and still enjoying it immensely.
You're making me wish retirement would hurry up and get here. I think I could wake up and look out at the mountains every day for the rest of the time God gives me on this earth and be a happy man. If he lets me fish a few days that would be a bonus.
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