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Default A few answers...

Drew, here are my opinions (for what they are worth...).

1) Mid-week, early in May you won't have a problem getting a site in Elkmont
2) I have never fished Cataloochee, but from what most folks say it can be unpredictable. I think LR at and above Elkmont is a great bet...
3) I wet waded in the rain for 3 hours yesterday with no problems. Whatever your preference is, you could do either, at this point...but its not too cold...
4) I'll let others comment on that one...
5) This is a fair amount of water to try and cover in one day, but it is doable and is a great section of the stream. If you hike fairly fast you can be to Husky Branch in about 40'll need to look away as you hike up the trail because there is a LOT of nice water along the way...but the farther you hike the dumber the fish...and the fewer fishermen you will I say do it!...

A couple pieces of advice to maximize your catching...the fish are skittish in the Park, so stay as hidden as possible, limit your false casts, don't cast shadows and don't waste your time. Pick the spots that look most fishy and cast there a few times and if you get no rises, move on...If you don't get any strikes in 15-20 minutes, change your fly, but remember that presentation (and drag - or lack thereof) are more important than anything else to fish in the backcountry.

When you arrive on Tuesday, setup camp and go fishing...late afternoons and evenings are some of the best times to fish in the Park...Since you are already at Elkmont, go over Newfound Gap and fish up Deep Creek for awhile before driving to Charlotte on Friday...You didn't say where you were coming from or what type of license you will purchase, but if you purchase a TN license you can fish the NC side of the Park as well (but not outside it)...If you purchase an NC license you could fish around Asheville and the TN side of the Park...

And welcome to the Forum!

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