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Originally Posted by PeteCz View Post
When you arrive on Tuesday, setup camp and go fishing...late afternoons and evenings are some of the best times to fish in the Park...Since you are already at Elkmont, go over Newfound Gap and fish up Deep Creek for awhile before driving to Charlotte on Friday...You didn't say where you were coming from or what type of license you will purchase, but if you purchase a TN license you can fish the NC side of the Park as well (but not outside it)...If you purchase an NC license you could fish around Asheville and the TN side of the Park...

And welcome to the Forum!
I'll have both a NC and TN license. I work a lot in Tennessee, carry a flyrod with me when I work, so I always buy a non resident license for the year.

I want to thank all who have posted, it really gives me a leg up on my trip and it's nice to post on a forum for the 1st time and not get any hate.

After my trip I post a report, if anyone is in the area stop and say hi. I drive a 4 door 2006 tan tacoma with a matching bed cap. DU & TU stickers on the rear.

Thanks again!
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