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Default Thanks for the concern!

He seemed to be much better weekend before last. I heard that it is good to give them benedryl (sp?) asap. I would also say it is a good idea to tie them up, or pen them for a couple of days. He laid still for a day, didn't even eat, and this dog never passes up food!
The 3rd day he felt better, and followed me up the creek for a couple of hours. He stayed on his feet all day long, and the whole time his ankle bled. That leg was easily twice the size of his right leg. That evening he laid down, and didn't move the next day, which made me think he should have been tied up, or penned. I'd hate to think how much blood he lost. He would have improved more quickly, I think had he moved less. Still with any dog, an injury takes a lot of life from them. But what a life a dog has up on Snowbird Creek, room to roam, plenty of people to mooch food from........ and a big creek to play in whenever you want. That dog is rarely dry it seems! I think he will be fine though. It has been proven by the way, that a dog's saliva does have some antibiotic properties.
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